Our Investments Build Opportunity

Apollo Realty Investments was created to help fund and invest in smart, profitable real estate opportunities and recognize the niche market where banks would likely not invest. Our goal is to make these investments in important real estate projects and start-ups in America, one company at a time, starting locally in Las Vegas and its surrounding areas. So far, Apollo and Ken Baxter of Las Vegas have made significant headway by financing promising opportunities –  HomeVestors’ We Buy Ugly Houses, Liberty Homes, MotionCorp, and 5 Yeti for example, and are constantly on the lookout for other promising opportunities to expand and grow the Las Vegas valley’s real estate offerings.

Please take a look at some of the beautiful examples of our work below.

Las Vegas Valley Real Estate Development

Google Bets Big on Henderson NV

Hello, at Apollo Realty Investments we can spot a potential game changer when we see it and the massive data center that Google is building

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5 Yeti Projects has been building and remodeling properties in the valley for 20+ years. Focusing on quality and design, the results are high impact transformations turning the ugliest house on the block into a spectacular home.

Apollo Realty Investments also maintains a strategic alliance with HomeVestors, creating opportunities  to acquire additional properties. Whether they are looking at a property as an investment opportunity or a personal residence, we take the ugliest homes and turn them into beautiful spaces for our clients.

Liberty Homes, a custom, luxury home building enterprise owned and managed by Pulte Homes veteran, Joe Whatley, has successfully realized Apollo’s vision to provide options to the valley’s niche market.

We have the vision, the drive, and the resources, through Apollo Realty Investments, to build Las Vegas neighborhoods from the ground up, one unique and beautiful home at a time. Liberty Homes of Las Vegas uses more than 80% American made materials in its construction process and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and a supporter of Made in the USA goods and services.